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The administration of Zhukovskii city begins to implement the complex system SED bb workspace

In the early 90s the notion "city of science" was born in Zhukovskii and the movement "The Union of the cities of science" started. In January 29, 2007 Zhukovskii became the 12th city of science in Russia. Nowadays, Zhukovskii is the center of avionic science.

It is natural that a city of science implements and uses modern technologies and advanced systems are selected.

The decision to implement the bb workspace was based on deep analysis of functional abilities of the system, the compliance of the bb workspace system to the specialties of business document flow in the Administration and taking into consideration the vast and deep experience of ZAO Double B in holding such projects.

Currently, ZAO Double B carries out the work on analysis and configuration of document flow processes for 150 uses in the Administration. The list of works includes:

  • setting up the organizational structure of the Administration, use's rights, electronic signatures
  • optimizing and fine tuning of already existing document flow processes
  • installing of document templates and processing routes
  • entering the data base of contracting parties
  • installation of standard reports
  • preparation of draft documents regulating the updated business processes, taking into consideration the use of SED bb workspace
  • group and individual staff training

The integration with the existing software used by the Administration is also planned to create a unique "entry point" for the work with distributed information.

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