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Purpose of the visual layer bb docflow

Visual layer bb docflow organically interconnected with other parts that are mutually complementing each other, creating a comprehensive balanced system for the operational management of the organization, drowning in its significance and content of the ordinary system of electronic documents.

In the visual layer bb docflow document is transformed by each user, allowing you to work with documents from different perspectives, depending on what interests user in each situation: in the context of document types, types of cases and projects, from the perspective of customers and counterparties, in the context of the document statuses and tasks in the context of organizational structure of the organization.

Each electronic document is characterized by its "cover" (card) document. In the "cover" recording information on which the document is automatically generated for a given pattern. The variant of the simple attachment of any file, document or instrument input directly from a scanner.

On "cover" the document can be given "flexible" or "hard" route of processing a document indicating the name or role of signatures as well as to generate a list for mailing a document for review. All user actions are recorded. If you need to specify a document-base, the relationship of this new instrument with other instruments, the formation of Task (orders) on the document.

Any document or task (instruction) can be put on the control indicating a curator, a specific period of performance. Support the possibility of secret proceedings. Develop integrated contextual search for files of documents using a special technology.

Visual layer bb docflow designed to perform the following functions:

  • Create / Edit / Remove cover (index cards) of documents and tasks (orders).
  • Creating / editing / deleting documents in Microsoft Office.
  • Support the use of document templates in a format Microsoft Office.
  • Group work with the file-documents.
  • Multi-stage processing of documents and tasks.
  • Support for various file formats *. doc, *. xlt, *. rar, *. zip, *. html, graphics (scanner, fax) and audio and video files.
  • Creating child (dependent) tasks / orders / resolutions.
  • Support ties record cards in all possible combinations: document, document, ..., document-base-..., document-task-...
  • Quick and easy navigation through all the bonds.
  • Sending a file via email, regardless of email client.
  • Automatic delivery notification system users, including e-mail.
  • Preparation and printing of reports from the system using the package Microsoft Office: Word & Excel.
  • Contextual search by any field and the contents of documents.
  • Set the list of signature / approval and priority of the overlay signatures / install mailing list.
  • Saving intermediate versions of documents (preservation of the history of work with documents).
  • Logging time: Overlays signatures Departures; creating / editing; Subscriptions copies / see a copy; Naming / executing the order.
  • Using a convenient "Role" of administration.
  • Using different media for storage "Author Key" and private key cryptographic protection of information.
  • Convenient presentation of documents and tasks in the context of: types of documents, deeds and project, the documents, organizational structure and customers.
  • Ability to customize columns display roster.

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