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Work in a private cloud

Complex EMS bb workspace working in a private cloud saves to 75% of investments

Low cost of ownership.

The use of bb workspace allows to decrease the costs of financial and economic activities in 6 times.

Multi user licenses

Multi user licenses without limitation, provide each user the whole wide functional system.

Only we give 100% guarantee of your investment

Your espenses on our software will be covered while using the system. Only we give 100% guarantee that any edition of the document management system bb workspace will benefit your company. Otherwise we just return your money.

The built-in budgeting

Management accounting and control of cash flow

Global marketing technology AIDCAS is integrated in visual layer bb crm

Today document management system bb workspace is the only one Russian-language CRM-system with integrated global marketing technology AIDCAS.

Integrated Accounting staff time bb time-management

The functional integration of staff time is already included in the composition of an effective management system bb workspace for free.

The built-in contextual search through the contents of document files

Presence of the built-in contextual search on contents of the files, containing cyrillic is already included in cost of the licence of System of efficient control bb workspace

bb workspace works with the free edition of Microsoft SQL Server

Data stored in different databases for each calendar year can be completely free to use 16 years of Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition with the volume of documents no more than 4 GB year.

10 users for free forever!

In order to fully enjoy all the benefits and opportunities of complex electronic management system "bb workspace" install the free express edition for 10 users.

Certification and Competence

The company passed the certification ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2011), and the bb worspace system has the following competemces: "Compatible with Windows 7" and "Works with Windows Server 2008 R2"

Microsoft Partner Network

The Microsoft Partner Network is a community that helps Microsoft partners to reach their full potential

Inter-institutional document flow according to GOST

bb workspace is implemented the upload of the documents according to GOST R 53898-2010 "Interaction of electronic document management".

Protected Document Flow

Intruderís and competitorís attacks are becoming more and more inventive. So the protection of information from unauthorized access must be refined and maximum reliable.

Confidential office-work

Depending on the edition of bb workspace, the visual layer bb docflow has different nonclassified secret files to work with documents.

Integrated client-server

Integration of "client" and "server" in bb workspace can never install any additional software on users' PCs, and lets to work with the web-version using only set the Web browser.

Number 1 interface in Russia

Modern software technology can be better seen through the interface software.

Complex and open information processing

Along with expensive foreign analogues of complex systems, there are some overlapping areas are automated in effective management system bb workspace: bb docflow, bb budget, bb staff and bb crm.


Notification center bb notice with flexible notifications and reminders set up via email and SMS is included in standard package of SED.

Personal account

In his personal account on the developer's site the client has full control over the orders and payments on technical support and maintenance of bb workspace system.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office package

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office package, in the form, as it's done in bb workspace, becoming a model for competing products.

Links to third-party software

An effective management system bb workspace provides the synchronization of data with software products "1C" and other accounting systems on customer's choice (can be integrated on request).

Built-in TWAIN interface

Built-in TWAIN interface for working with images allows to use any scanner.

Automatic download of documents and templates

Each document or document template, regardless of its origin, can be added to the system of effective management bb workspace both manually and automatically from the import directory.

Simple role-based access for the users

Simple role-based access for the users is close to the ideology of ordinary documents circulation.

Thousands of patterns of internal documents

For each edition of bb workspace more than 23 000 templates found in the ATP "Consultant" ("Business Paper") or "Garant". Any form of document can be saved in *. dot and be automatically loaded into the system bb workspace for further use in the automatic mode.

Support level Standard

Standard-level provides the optimal set of services with the active use of the system of operational management bb workspace of any publication: Corporate Business, Bank Business or Government Service.

Training videos

Training videos allow the users to work with the system bb workspace without interrupting their work, saving the time.

Support level VIP

VIP-level provides the maximum range of services to support operational management system bb workspace of any publication: Corporate Business, Bank Business or Government Service.

Customer oriented contract

Customer oriented contract allows all the customers and users of bb workspace to feel legally protected

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