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VNIINMASH installs the comlex system for effective management bb workspace.

All-Russian Research and Development Institute of Technical Regulation and Standardization was estublished in 1958.

VNIINMASH is the founder of the national school of technical regulaiton, the developer of general technical systems of national standards (ESTPP, ESTD, ESKD, PPRA, CAD), carries out works on the mutial interchangeability of norms, on tolerance systems, wear resistance, calculaitons and strength tests.

In July 2011 the management took a decision to integrate the elecrtonic  system of effective management of document flow.

The market of such systems was studied in order to find the most effective one. Based on the study, where the functionality, interface, technical support abd reliability of systems were viewed, the System for effective management bb workspace (Government Service edition) was chosen as the one that fully meets the demands of the client.

On the first spet, 150 licenses were granted. The contract was also signed for technical support on Standard level. The automation of VIINMASH document flow is performed by ZAO 'Double B' staff including:

  • Set up and tuning of the hierarchy structure
  • Creation of the electronic digital signature and setting of the individual rights of employees
  • Customize the template of the fast documant creation
  • Established the routes of document flow
  • the structure of data dase was prepared to coduct interactions with clients and contractors
  • Training was done for sveral groups of users and IT specialists

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