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2010.10.27 - Comment Eurasian Development Bank

Eurasian Development Bank was established according the international Agreement on the Establishment of the Eurasian Development Bank on January 12, 2006 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Bank supposed to become the consolidating element of financial infrastructure and a catalyst for deepening the integration processes on the territory of member states: Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Belarus.

The decision about implementation of electronic management system was taken from the first days of the Bank. In accordance with the IT strategy of the Bank, focused on complex business process automation and full automation of workflow, the Office of Information Technology EDB held elections electronic document management system (DMS) from more than 20 proposals submitted by developers from around the world. According to the results of analysis for compliance with the DMS submitted to the Bank, in 2006 it was decided to implement an effective management system bb workspace from the Russian company "Double B Inc".

Initial configuration of the system was carried out jointly by company "Double B Inc." remotely from Moscow and an employee of the EDB in Almaty. Within two weeks the system was installed, configured and moved to pilot production. As part of this project were:

  • Carried out to configure the system bb workspace structure of the EDB;
  • Formed by the nomenclature of types of electronic versions of documents;
  • Customized templates and routes for the first stage of documents: the incoming and outgoing correspondence, orders, directives - all major types of internal working documents of the Bank;
  • Assisted in the development of instruction in proceedings before the EDB with the principles of efficiency and integrity of electronic and paper documents.

Currently, the main document EDB is in the bb workspace in electronic form. If you need a document on paper it is printed out and signed - mostly done for external communications with counterparties of the Bank. The System employs more than 90% of all Bank staff located in different countries. For this purpose used a system of remote and digital signature.

The system bb workspace configured more than 100 different routes for different types of documents, including:

  • Creation, negotiation of contracts for various activities;
  • Orders, requests relating to all activities of the Bank;
  • Assessment and appraisal;
  • The holidays and business travel;
  • Financial documents for payment of bills;

bb workspace system allows to send:

  • Documents in the mail program;
  • Registers of documents, lists of employees with the data in Excel.

For convenience, create reports, including:

  • For overdue documents and related tasks;
  • Overdue applications;
  • Human users, etc.

For four years using an integrated EDS implemented a number of individual modifications to the requirements of the Bank's continued assistance and technical support from the developer.

Moreover, the number of workstations increased from 100 to 250 users. The whole system bb workspace meets the requirements of modern business practices and business process management. The big plus is its ability to constantly improve, and integration with the known office applications. System also features the reliability and ease of use, requiring no special skills from the user computer skills.

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