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The new version of bb workspace is 10 times faster in processing of large amount of data!

Due to the considerable amount of data to be processed in the bb workspace system, Double B received suggestions from its clients to improve the system's performance.

The joint efforts of employees of JSC "Double B" and representatives of one of the VIP-customer of bb workspace, the new version included improvements in the processing of significant amount of data, as follows:

1. In the visual layer bb docflow processing speed became 17 times higher.

2. In the visual layer bb budget processing speed became 11 times higher.

3. In the visual layer bb crm processing speed became 4 times higher.

Thus, the overall performance of the system bb workspace in all functional visual layers when working with large data volume increased 10 times.

New performance characteristics of bb workspace deservedly put bb workspace in line with the performance indicators of industrial automated banking systems that have to meet the highest demands of the IT department for a number of characteristics.

In addition to increasing the performance of the system bb workspace to 10 times when working with large amounts of data, the new version has expanded function, implemented at the request of customers, namely:

1. In the visual layer bb budget, setting up a route for the budget request adds the ability to use word-patterns similar to the configuration using templates in the routes of document processing in the visual layer bb docflow.

2. For all the visual layers in the event processing is implemented to set the view comment in accordance with the preferences of the user, with the subsequent unloading in ms excel only displayed information.

3. For the visual layer bb docflow & bb budget added new options for customizing the appearance of the display lists, and trees, according to the preferences of users.

4. For the visual layer bb docflow & bb staff implemented additional merge fields for use in templates ms word in terms of the formation of public-key certificates EDS users. This mechanism is used to build an internal certification authority using a simple digital signature embedded in the system bb workspace.

In total, only in April 2013 sold 25 requests received from customers of the system bb workspace, of which more than 50% of the requests received from respected VIP-customers who are most attentive and serious concern to the software, which is intended to stand in the service of management to improve the efficiency of decision-making.

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