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International Women's Day greetings!

We also wish you shorter working hours and higher salaries! Here is why...

The history of the 8th of March starts from the textile workers strike. According to the most popular version the tradition of celebrating the International Women's Day started from the so called "march of empty pots" which took place on the 8th of March 1857 and was organized by the textile industry workers in New-York to protest against unacceptable working conditions and low salaries. They demanded shorter working hours, better working conditions and same salary as men's one. These women worked up to 16 hours per day and they were underpaid.

This day was declared a national holiday in some former Soviet republics as well as in Congo as "the holiday of Congolese women". Along with March 8 celebration Armenia celebrates the 7th of March as National Mother's and Beauty Day.

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