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Corporate Business
Holding «AU Group» (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

From an analysis of the market of electronic document holding "AU Group" (Kyrgyzstan) has decided to contract with JSC "Double B" on the delivery and implementation of an integrated system of electronic document management bb workspace in a special edition of Corporate Business. The main criteria for choosing a supplier of software solutions in a comprehensive and reliable business reputation of the developer.


Company Runtex engaged in the development of systems and devices to protect the information system selects the efficient management bb workspace

AMINA (Pavlodar)

As Ltd "Inkomtek" had recommended, "Amina" chose our company and have maintained the cooperation since 2007

Ltd. StuDiArt (Moscow)

Ltd. StuDiArt (Moscow) had chosen Corporate Business edition and bought 50 user licenses.

Ltd. Agrolayn (Naberezhnye Chelny)

Group of Companies Agrolayn - is a unique multi-holding company. One of the most important activities is selling of the vehicles.

Ltd. Lemon (Moscow)

Ltd. Lemon (Moscow) was established in 1998. Basic activity is wholesale and retail trade at the territory of Moscow of the consumer goods realized through the print catalogs and online store.

LLP Atabou (Atyrau)

Many years' experience at the trade and distribution sector allowed LLP Atabou be not only the leader of the wholesale market, but also let the company create their own chain of supermarkets "Atabou", which now consists of 11 items.

Film company New One Production (Moscow)

Due to the significant increase in the number of the contracts and internal documents, the management of the Film company New One Production has desided to automate workflow. Preference was given to a comprehensive document management system bb workspace, edition Corporate Business.

Ltd Consultant-Service (Nevinnomissk)

Ltd Consultant-Service Have choosed Corporate Business to automate their workflow.

Ltd "DublGIS" (Novosibirsk)

Ltd. DublGIS "- the developer of free electronic directory of organizations, combined with a map of the city.

Petrozavodskmash Corp (Petrozavodsk)

Petrozavodskmash Corp., is a member of a holding company Petrozavodskmash - the largest machine-building enterprise in Russia and CIS countries, which makes complete deliveries of process lines for pulp, paper and cardboard. Production with a brand "Petrozavodskmash" is maintained in 33 countries of the world. Also well-known to Russia and abroad the equipment of Joint-Stock Company "Petrozavodskmash" for petrochemical productions and and a unique cast iron. The company is located in the city of Petrozavodsk on Lake Onega, which provides the possibility of water transportation of large machines and equipment almost anywhere in the world.

Videxim Holding (Moscow)

Videxim Holding has acquired an operational management system Corporate Business", which includes the visual layers Docflow, CRM, Budget,that are closely integrated with each other, and 80 user licenses.

Lusiena Co. Group

Lusiena Co. Group works on the market since 1995. The company includes in its membership several subsidiaries engaged in various kinds of investment activities. In the first phase acquired full functionality of Corporate Business and 60 user licenses.

"Nord Outsourcing" (Moscow)

Nord Outsourcing - a young, developing team of professionals providing services in accounting and personnel administration. Nord Outsourcing takes care of that all documents to be processed by customers in the shortest possible time and securely stored. Electronic Document Management System Corporate Business allows you to save time on paperwork, which allows the company "Nord Outsourcing" to maintain prices for services that are lower than the content of its own accountant.

Corporation "Dixie"

From Moscow to Vladivostok "Electronic document management system CORPORATE BUSINESS" finds its consumer.


Moscow meat processing plant.


One of the largest food manufacturers and quick cooking in Russia.

Moon light Inc.

Chain retail stores in the city of Khabarovsk, including the online store of products for home and office (www.moonlight.ru).


Moscow phone operator.


The conclusion of this contract marked the beginning of the CORPORATE BUSINESS market electronic document systems output in the CIS countries.

Agency "Nora Real Estate"

Agency NORA Real Estate works since 1992, helping customers to solve difficult housing issues.

Construction Management-53 REKRO

The specific of REKRO construction activities imposes certain document requirements , so the choice provider of software product is done with special care and attention to the problems that confronted REKRO.

Siberian Consulting company

Specialists of Siberian consulting company started to introduce self-Corporate Business.


Many traditional systems are as the car, that learns how to fly, but CORPORATE BUSINESS - has been created to be an airplane!


The company's management LOKUS accepted and approved the decision to purchase a fully functional version of the "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS", which includes visual layers DOCFLOW, STAFF, CRM and BUDGET.


After researching market of the electronic document management systems, experts of TETIS PRO chosen several systems to install for evaluation purposes.

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