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The built-in budgeting

The successful operation of any enterprise depends primarily on the availability and transparency of budgetary processes which must be clear on the management level. It's not a secret that even the use of automation systems of accounting in the common way gives quite a few opportunities to a specialist who is not trained to conduct a full analysis and to make a decision.

The application of complex systems of control of accounting activities, for example based on 1C product, requires appropriate training and is not always available to the manager because of his busy schedule ans lack of opportunity to do deep into these systems. On the other hand, accounting department regularly prepares analytical reports on paper; this kind of report can't be used for meaningful analysis in a certain period of time.

The most valuable information for a manager is the information about gains and debts of the company. This important information will be available for the manager if he implements the automated system for effective management bb workspace, visual layer bb budget can give information on all aspects of financial activity anytime and in any context information.

The organization of the budgeting system will have operational (real time) information about financial relations with all business counterparts. The bb budget allows to monitor not only external debts and financial relations with external agents, but to have a clear financial monitoring of any division activities and to keep under constant control the financial needs and financial returns of any enterprise structure.

It is worth noting that businesses of all sizes can automate their activities with the help of bb workspace. The system for effective management bb workspace can be installed and fine tuned for any enterprise.

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